Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the CARFAX Login:

CARFAX Login Guide:

1. To start the log in process, enter the URL of CARFAX to your Internet Browser:

2. Follow this step by entering your account email on the first text field provided by CARFAX.

3. The second log in area is dedicated to your account password. Input the characters correctly.

4. Upon finishing the required steps above, you may now click the Login button below the log in panel.



CARFAX Login Reset Guide:

1. In order to access your account, you will need the URL of CARFAX Login page inputed in your browser:

2. Beside the password text area, you can see a "Forgot your Password?" link. Click it so that you will be taken to the password reset page:

3. Enter your account E-mail and click the submit button located below the text field.

4. Wait for a few minutes and your password will be sent immediately to this e-mail address.